Genius Life Group is a woman-owned boutique firm that offers coaching and facilitation services for individuals and organizations. Our mission is to develop conscious leaders, teams, and companies. We’ve been facilitating the inner shifts behind big success since 1998.


Our coaching team, equipped with extensive experience and a deep understanding of business and team operations, utilizes proven strategies to develop key competencies and drive positive change. We are dedicated to delivering results-oriented support that enhances leadership skills, cultivates high-performance teams, and promotes organizational success. With a focus on collaboration, integrity, and innovation, we strive to be the catalyst for transformation, enabling organizations to navigate challenges, achieve excellence, and create a lasting impact.


We believe that good fortune is accompanied by the responsibility to lift up those who have not had the same experience. We donate 10% of annual profits to organizations working towards environmental conservation, social justice, or women’s empowerment.

Our Coaching Team

Meg Dennison

Leadership Coach

Alan Heymann

Executive Coach

Evan Gonzalez

Leadership Coach

Interested in joining our coaching team? Please visit our “Join Our Coaching Team” page to get started. We are seeking individuals with a proven track record in coaching, a deep understanding of business operations, exceptional communication skills, and a passion for driving leadership excellence. We look forward to meeting you. 


Kimberly Errigo is an award-winning coach and trusted adviser to high achievers at Fortune 500 companies around the world. With 20+ years of experience facilitating inner growth that leads to outer transformations, she excels at unleashing the creative, outside the box brilliance of smart, talented innovators. Kimberly has been hosted onsite at Facebook and Apple in Silicon Valley, and her client list includes high-potential individuals from top companies in every sector. 

Kimberly Errigo, MA, MCC

Chief Executive Officer

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Kimberly’s qualifications include the elite Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, an honor given to the top 1% of coaches in the world; a Master’s degree in Psychology; and two teaching credentials in science. She is a subject matter expert in learning and development, coaching, facilitation, transpersonal psychology, applied neuroscience, and conscious leadership.