Like any coach, I motivate, inspire, design challenges, encourage, and foster greatness in my clients. But among coaches, because of my training and experience, I’m unusually perceptive. I’ll show you what you aren’t seeing so you can make changes to get better results. I’ll help you create alignment between what you say, what you do, and what you believe. That alignment will open up an entirely new field of possibilities.

New levels of leadership. A bigger voice in the world. The path of your destiny.

Gain Lifelong Skills
One 60 minute private coaching session / month + 15 minute tune up calls as needed + unlimited chat
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Accelerate Your Growth
Two 60 minute private coaching sessions / month + 15 minute tune up calls as needed + unlimited chat
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Get Transformational Support
Three 60 minute private coaching sessions / month + 15 minute tune up calls as needed + unlimited chat
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I’ve been doing this work for 20 years, and both experience and science show that it takes at least that amount of time to create behavioral change. I will help you get fast traction towards your goals and you may see dramatic shifts very quickly, but it takes time to get sustainable results. Regardless of the level program you choose, planning to invest time in your development for 6 months is smart and offers you the best chance of success.

Although I recommend you invest 6 months in your coaching program, you may unsubscribe at any time.

The greatest gift you can give yourself

“Working with Kimberly is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Her guidance allowed me to tap into my heart’s true desires and uncover the obstacles standing in the way of my best life. I highly recommend Kimberly to the individual ready to elevate life to its greatest purpose.”

Katie F, MBA
Associate Director of Marketing, Medtronic

Invaluable and Well Worth the Money

“I 100% recommend Kimberly to anyone who is looking for a kick-start to their life or career. Kimberly is extremely caring and intuitive—plus she knows when to put the fire under you to get you motivated. Coaching with her was invaluable and well worth the money!”

Steve E, Director of Sales and Marketing

Rocked My World

“Any life coach could create a new path but what you do is sooooooooooooooooo much more. Anyone who is looking for a coach should know that you are going to rock their world – not just one little part of it – but all of it! You are so blessed, Kimberly, and I am so thankful for crossing your path!” 

Samantha E
Supply Chain, Boeing

My Guarantee

Your personal satisfaction is important to me and I will do everything that I can to assure that you are successful in your coaching program. However, your progress depends both on your actions and willingness as well as my expertise as a coach. Although no one can guarantee your breakthrough except for you, I have helped many others achieve great results and believe you will do the same!

There may be times during your coaching program when you experience doubt, fear or resistance. This is normal. You are trying to create a level of success that you have not yet had, and any internal factors that have kept you from living your dreams will naturally surface in that process. I guarantee that I will be available to support you during these times, if they occur.

I also guarantee that I will adhere to the Code of Ethics described by the International Coach Federation, an organization of which I have been a full and contributing member since 2016. Read the Code here.

My commitment is to support you unconditionally in achieving your goals. I will not let you down.