Intuitive Development Program

The key to your greatest life and career

Intuition is an actual, scientifically measurable phenomenon that's being studied by neuroscientists and physicists. It's on the leading edge of psychological research today.

Accurate, powerful, and deep intuition is what separates the novices from the experts.

The secret tool CEO's use for more profits and innovation

As a professional, high stakes situations are unavoidable. Making split-second decisions when you know money, time, and resources are on the line and other people are depending on you is a real challenge that leaders face every day.

Luckily, you have an innate sense of guidance that can be reliably used every time you’re in a high stress situation. But if you’ve never been trained to use it properly, you probably aren’t feeling confident about using it — or enjoying all of its benefits.  

Benefits like more creativity, more innovation, better decisions –  and an unmatched competitive advantage that leads to more profit, more promotions, and more influence.

But before you start thinking that accessing your intuition is taboo the further up the ladder you go, let me tell you a little secret.

Key stakeholders and decision-makers tend to rely more on their intuition when they’re in senior positions, complicated situations, or when deadline pressures eliminate thinking time.

Even though you might think that using non-rational methods is frowned upon, many managers have expressed that intuition is a key factor in their decision-making.

In fact, managers who used their intuition were perceived as decisive, action-oriented, operations-focused and hands-on.

Now, I don’t know about you – but that’s how I want my direct reports and supervisors to describe me.


Intuitive development will help you perceive information that can’t be recognized through training, theory, logic, or experience. And the research shows that in the workplace, people who use intuition are often seen as decisive, action-oriented, operations-focused, and hands-on. You’ll been seen differently — in a good way.

Research shows that intuitive processing is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and leaders who make complex decisions in a context of time pressure and high levels of uncertainty.

Balance your rationality with intuition and you'll be ready for your own breakthroughs.

The research shows one more thing that’s super interesting. When middle managers move into upper management, the reason they fail isn’t because they lack skills. They fail because they don’t have accurate, reliable intuition to guide them through the kinds of decisions that occur at that higher level.

  • Ramp up your decision making process using rationality AND intuition
  • Activate your intuition on-demand - even in high-voltage, high stakes situations
  • Flip the switch on self-sabotage and turn the lights out on your inner critic
  • Sharpen your emotional IQ and form your own sense of intuitive wisdom



  • Initial 90 minute Discovery session
  • Two 60 minute private coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited 15 minute tune-up calls
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Your session recording(s) and notes


  • 3 month program: $3000 
  • 6 month program: $5200 

Customized payment plans are available upon request. 

Learning how to access your intuition consistently and interpret it accurately can prevent critical mistakes -- and produce unexpected and brilliant success.