Bridge Program

Receive the support you need to achieve your dreams.

Sometimes a little bit of coaching goes a long way.

This is for you if:

  • You're between jobs or launching a business, and your financial situation is unstable
  • You're not financially ready to invest in a full coaching program
  • You've finished your coaching program and want to continue on a part-time basis
  • You're new to my practice and you want to check me out 🙂

coaching will help you get (and stay) on track.

Times of change — especially when they are unwanted — are often when we need support the most and feel the least able to afford it. The Bridge Program is designed for that purpose.

Through whatever process you may be in, coaching will help you be more present. More grounded in who you are. More confident. With clarity about where you’re headed.

The months will go by, either way. Will you spend it getting traction, and look back at the end of the month at how far you’ve come? Or will you try to do it alone, and when you look back at the month’s end see yourself still sitting in the same place that you are now? This decision is up to you.

Monthly Retainer


  • Unlimited chat over Voxer or Whatsapp


  • Two 15 minute laser calls per month


  • One 60 minute private coaching session per month
  • Unlimited chat support between sessions

Billed monthly with no limit or required commitment. Cancel any time. 

Assure your success with a safe, strategic, and supportive space for your personal and professional growth.