Find your lane, grow your capacity, and align yourself with success.

Greater influence, from the inside out

My coaching program for emerging leaders develops the leadership skills, presence, and emotional intelligence necessary for career advancement. I support both entrepreneurs and those who are moving up an internal ladder. In coaching with me, you will:

  • Develop a clear vision of where you're going and how to get there
  • Improve your internal dialogue
  • Increase productivity, morale, and engagement
  • Grow your self-awareness
  • Develop greater resilience, work-life balance, and peace of mind
  • Strengthen your leadership presence

Structure: One or two 30 minute private sessions per month + unlimited chat

Cost: $150 - 300 /month

Get faster traction toward your goals, with my support.

Sense of inner peace

“Transitioning professionally, you helped me better articulate and refine what it was that I needed from a career. You also gave me a sense of inner peace that helps me stay more present on a daily basis.”

Camille B
Marketing Professional

Can’t thank you enough

“I know there are ways that I’m blocking my own success, so having you look at it objectively has really been helpful. I may not like it but it makes me see what I’m doing without realizing it. Can’t thank you enough for that!”


Listening better than I listened to myself

“Initially, Kimberly was listening better to me than I could listen to myself. She helped me to feel more hopeful, more empowered, and more willing to take smart risks in my life.”

Joseph D