Build genius in your staff.

With deep expertise coaching disruptors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators, as a corporate consultant I help organizations navigate change and support senior talent. Corporate consulting will help your company get through tough situations when you need external support.

Change Management

Recover from conflicts and disruptions involving senior leaders, and create cohesive, higher-performing teams.

Executive Coaching

Reduce reactivity, fear, and safety-driven behavior patterns so your leaders are no longer “playing not to lose”.

Leadership Development

Improve organizational politics and processes so projects get done faster and teams work together more effectively.

Any company or individual that understands how to produce genius enjoys a clear advantage. I offer a game-changing, pioneering approach to leadership development and executive coaching on contract to organizations in the medical, technology, and educational spaces. With deep expertise coaching disruptors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators, as a corporate consultant I specialize in supporting:

  • Female leaders struggling with concerns that may impact their success and retention
  • Leaders in the first 90 days of a new role when the stakes are high
  • Technical or engineering leads who need to develop more emotional intelligence
  • Individual contributors who have moved into management, and need strategic support

I’m known for my empathy, discernment, creativity, collaboration, and strong listening and problem-solving skills. I offer the character, insight, and presence that provides a positive influence on any team.

If you’re a corporate HR or OD Director and are interested in exploring how to bring my expertise to your organization, please book a time on my calendar here to discuss.

“Our program functions and moral had been dying for a long time. Kimberly offered us insightful vision, clarity, and tangible ways to improve ourselves and the program. It was amazing how progressively constructive and motivating all this change was. Kimberly’s dynamic services went above and beyond our expectations. It was impressive what she brought to the program and to each of us in so little time.

Kimberly offered constructive, proactive, present-day solutions that guided us toward better functionality. She was responsive to our needs in every way imaginable, and really inspired us to let go of the old ways of thinking and acting that were limiting our effectiveness. She is authentically honest and forward while being incredibly respectful and empowering. In the end our program became more self-sufficient, more functional, and better regarded.

Thank you for such empowering leadership!”
– MB

“We definitely got even more than we were expecting from Kimberly’s expertise. She was able to quickly mesh with the team, and identify the areas that needed improvement in our program. The team was inspired by Kimberly’s breadth of vision and understanding of our program’s strengths and weaknesses. I was impressed with Kimberly’s ability to quickly gain our trust and respect. 

One of Kimberly’s strengths is to be able to see the big picture and communicate the program’s true potential in the business world. It is challenging to guide a team that has been working together for 7 + years, but Kimberly is very conscientious of group dynamics, and leads with a confident yet respectful style.

Kimberly is motivating to be around, and is inspiring with her ability to think bigger and better for the potential of programs and services. I recommend her wholeheartedly, because her style and vision is clearly adaptable to the needs of a variety of businesses.”

– EL; Program Manager