Let's grow your business!

It takes both the correct mindset and practical strategies and tactics to create sustainable, scalable, leveraged success. Whatever your dream may be, the knowledge of a 20-year veteran in online business will help you save time and money while you build a business that supports you on every level.

Architecture intensive

Develop a solid business architecture and roadmap that helps prevent the peaks-and-crashes that are considered normal in self-employment. You’ll receive:

  • A structural roadmap of your program and service offerings 
  • The layout of at least one client funnel
  • An annual roadmap that shows your marketing activities 

INVESTMENT: 4 hours (1 VIP day, or as arranged), and unlimited messaging for 30 days. $1997

Brand Intensive

Create a deeply aligned brand and niche that reflects your authentic personality, story, and desire to serve. We will make sure that your ideal brand is reflected in your:

  • Business name
  • Positioning
  • Client niche / target customer
  • Biography
  • Key messaging statements

INVESTMENT: 8 hours (2 VIP days, or as arranged), and unlimited messaging for 30 days. $3997

Program Intensive

Build 6-12 month online programs that extend your reach and foster your ability to scale! We’ll develop:

  • The focus, purpose, and timeline of your online program
  • The outline and structure of your curricula
  • Key messaging statements 
  • Guidance and tips on how to host your program content and manage your groups 

INVESTMENT: 4 hours (1 VIP day, or as arranged), and unlimited messaging for 30 days. $1997

"I went from struggling to buy groceries to CEO of a half-million dollar company ... in less than a year. Working with Kimberly made it possible." -Danielle, British Columbia

Get on the fast track to a business with integrity

  • Grow and hit the next level
  • Build a business that gives you everything that you want
  • Live your goals, vision, and mission without sacrificing what’s important

I started an online business in 2007, before anyone was online. My vision of what was possible was opened by Milana Leshinsky, who at that time was a leader in the coaching space. Since then I’ve studied with Ted McGrath, Angelique Rewers, David Naegle, Thrive Academy, Bill Baren, Michelle Schubnel, and Tony Robbins. I’ve coached female startup entrepreneurs on strategic planning, negotiation skills, marketing, and communication skills and built a nonprofit from the ground up. I’ve seen a lot of coaches come into the marketplace and fail.

Your business is your passion, and you’re fully committed to making it the resounding success that you desire. You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being while you build your dream or spend years coasting in a zone of low performance. Instead, we’ll focus on the actions that will get you the best results, fast. 

Access the strategies and tools you need so your dreams can come to full fruition.