Not Your Average Coach.
At all.

Let's map the course that will help you reach your full potential.

Because of the depth of my skill and expertise, I’m credentialed as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation, which awards this honor to the top 1% of coaches worldwide.

I’m a rare combination of savvy business smarts, artistic sensibility, intuition, and drive.

I’ve lived a somewhat unconventional life. If you’re looking for someone who’s worked their way painstakingly up the corporate ladder, I’m not your person. 

I’ve been a nomadic artist living in the Andes, survived a rafting accident in the wilderness of Alaska, and walked to the hospital when I was in labor. I  raised my son single-handedly and moved across the country to a town I’d never visited and where I knew no one. I’ve traveled from Mexico to Bolivia with a few exceptions. Salsa dancing is my favorite hobby. People call me compassionate, loving, intuitive, and wise. Someone once told me that this song was written for me. 

My clients appreciate my compassion, integrity, and no-BS approach. I’m highly ethical and don’t puff myself up to impress anyone. You can trust that I’ll always see you with unconditional high regard. It’s an honor and privilege to be invited into your world as a trusted partner. Many of my clients are or have been top performers at some of the biggest companies in the world. 

On a deep level, I feel that finding and living our personal genius is how to create a sustainable human future on our planet. I want to make the world a better place … just like you do. That’s why I’m a coach.


Growing up in Minnesota, I didn’t have any idea what my genius was or that I should be looking for it. I was coasting, vaguely dissatisfied, and not even asking myself the right questions.  

After I graduated from college, I joined the Peace Corps.  For two years, I lived in the rainforest with no electricity and only cold running water. No Internet. Six weeks between a letter home and a return letter. Lots of time to listen.

In addition to gathering a team and producing the curriculum for training teachers nationwide, I learned how to salsa and started to practice mindfulness and meditation. I also started traveling to spend time with the tribes deep in the forest. On one of those trips I had a vision and an epiphany about who I was — and who I could become.  

The rainforest was more than just where I learned to meditate. It revealed my genius and put me on the path to becoming a coach.

Intuitive strategy and support

Intuition is the key to solving problems in the world today. It produces leaps in consciousness that reveal ideal solutions, even though you don’t know how or why.

Like any coach, I motivate, inspire, design challenges, encourage, and foster greatness in my clients. But among coaches, because of my training and experience I’m unusually perceptive. In addition to coaching, I’ve been trained in applied neuroscience, emotional intelligence, leadership development, positive psychology, mind-body medicine, shamanism, integrative wellness, yoga, energy healing, meditation, and mindfulness.

There are lots of coaches today, but I bring a level of expertise that is unique. It’s unusual to find someone who has the expanded consciousness of a shaman and the grounded, rigorous approach of a highly trained coach. I’ve been doing this work for 20 years.

ICF Award

Completed more than 3500 coaching hours and 200+ training hours as a coach. Received the International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach credential, an elite award given to the top 1% of coaches worldwide.


Moved to the Bay Area of California, where I enjoy making music, doing yoga, and walking on the beach.

Walkabout 2

Took my 8th grade son on a year long sabbatical to Latin America, where I could be found coaching from the deck of a sailboat floating in the Caribbean.


Coached for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help communities recover in national disaster areas of Southwestern Wisconsin.

Life as an Artist

Lived and traveled as an artist, bringing my work to juried art shows throughout the upper Midwest. Realized that people were asking me for coaching, so I started a coaching practice.


Went on walkabout in the Colombian Andes, meeting gypsies, thieves, and shamans.

Peace Corps

Sent to the rainforest of Central America, where I lived in a small house with no electricity and only cold running water an hour and a half walk from the nearest bus stop. Gathered a team and produced the curriculum for training teachers nationwide. Started meditating.


After graduation from college, traveled solo across the country by train to Southeast Alaska where I spent the summer. Worked in a fish hatchery and nearly drowned in a rafting accident.

U of MN

Carved out the first program in Environmental Education at the U of MN. Was the co-chair of MPRIG and was involved in the outdoor leadership program. Spent time rock climbing and kayaking.


Went to Purdue for two years of college. Discovered sociology and marched on Washington.

Early Success

Before age 18, was an oboist with the Youth Symphony, page to the Minnesota State Senate, and regional math team competitor graduating near the top of the class.


Born in Minnesota. Immediately set out to greet everyone in the room.

I'll help you play at the intersection of passion, inquiry, engagement, and grit -- right in your sweet spot. You'll be more willing and able to move forward, take smart risks, and make changes that create a better life and career for you, and a better world for everyone.