Great Leaders are authentic kind inclusive peaceful innovative creative intuitive ethical empathetic visionary wise

The need for new ways of leading is greater today than it has ever been. In the face of dramatic societal and planetary changes which are already afoot, breakthrough leadership is required.

wisdom, healing, & personal evolution for high achievers

Conversations for Personal Growth

Leadership development demands personal growth. You can't get one without the other.

In the world today, leaders are increasingly being called to meet the highest standards of authenticity, empathy, and ethical leadership. Now more than ever, business success isn’t about your contact list or your bottom line. It’s about YOU.

Leaders for this time must be connected to emotional intelligence, timeless wisdom, fearless curiosity, and ferocious purpose. We must hone our capacity for empathy and deep compassion. We must be committed to optimism, tolerance, and cultural competency. We must be willing to take a stand for what we know is true, and be the change we want to see in the world. We have to know how to activate authentic human potential, starting with our own.

Our typical client is a high achiever who is ready to create more happiness and satisfaction. They know that for this to occur, they must get out of in their own way. Is that you?

The Intuition Factor


The Intuition Factor is a training program designed to help teams develop consistent access to the flow state, which is home to creativity, intuition, and high performance.

The business world typically values thinking over sensing, but the subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. Intuition – as well as emotions, somatic cues, and dreams – are an expression of subconscious intelligence. Most people are not taught to access their intuition accurately or consistently. When we learn how to do this, we gain an unmatched competitive advantage.

This program develops the divergent thinking, intuition, and flow state behaviors which will unlock your team's potential.

The Intuitive Executive


The Intuitive Executive is a coaching program designed to help intuitive, empathetic, sensitive people express themselves fully through leadership.

Highly intuitive people have special challenges that we don’t often talk about …. such as self-doubt, rumination, the incessant drive to understand, overthinking, not knowing if what you feel is yours or someone else’s, and burnout from taking care of others. They are prone to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Many shut down their emotions and retreat inwards.  

This program develops the decision-making, communication, and internal management skills which allow intuitive leaders to thrive.

Emerging Leaders of Silicon Valley


Emerging Leaders of Silicon Valley is a coaching program designed to develop leaders who are playing at the intersection of passion, inquiry, engagement, and grit.

Silicon Valley attracts the best talent in the world. Out of the box thinkers and people who don't see the box in the first place. Brilliant, motivated, top performers. Engineers who are building the infrastructure of tomorrow.

But, it can also be a grueling and hyper-competitive place, especially for emerging leaders. The pressure to succeed and produce is high, and competition is fierce. The same neuropsychology that creates brilliance can also cause social anxiety. And confidence, when not balanced with high levels of self-awareness, can come across like arrogance -- or worse. 

This program develops the leadership skills, presence, and emotional intelligence necessary for advancement in technology environments.

The Elevated Coach

Personal DEVELOPMENT FOR Professional Coaches

The Elevated Coach is a personal development program for coaches who want to deeply flourish while serving others.

80% of success is your own psychology. Ultimately, it's your level of consciousness that helps your clients transform. If you're getting in your own way, they'll be stuck too. Especially for coaches, personal development IS professional development. You cannot get one without the other.  

This program develops the transformative power and presence of coaches so they can have a bigger impact.

Founder and Principal

Kimberly Errigo, MA, MCC

Kimberly Errigo is an award-winning executive leadership coach and trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and C-level executives at top companies around the world. She is a subject matter expert in learning and development, coaching, psychology, applied neuroscience, integrative wellness, and conscious leadership. Kimberly has been a coach for more than 20 years.


Kimberly's qualifications include the elite Master Certified Coach credential, a Master’s degree in psychology, and two teaching credentials in science. She is also an integrative healer trained in mind body medicine techniques, including yoga and meditation.

Kimberly volunteers her time as the Founder and Executive Director of Santa Cruz Coaches, a community nonprofit for professional coaches in Santa Cruz, California.