Genius Life Group coaches leading edge thinkers, scientists, inventors, healers, and business leaders who are dedicated to creating a better world.

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Genius Life Group explores the shift that is facing humanity and asks what needs to be done to create a sustainable human presence on our planet.  

We believe that the cultural and structural changes required to achieve that goal can only be generated by conscious leaders who are dedicated to using their power, influence, and privilege to change the context in which all individuals live.

We sponsor projects that foster the spiritual, emotional, and social development of leaders who will in turn fight for the formation of initiatives that shape the future and evolve the generations to come.

Contact us at office [at] geniuslifegroup [dot] com to discuss your ideas.  

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Genius Life Group is directed by Kimberly Errigo, MCC. A credentialed science educator and certified master coach, Ms. Errigo contributes to the International Coach Federation, The Watermark Conference for Women, and the Forbes Coaches Council.

Ms . Errigo has coached hundreds of clients through the process of mastering reflective and mindfulness practices and the development of complex skills necessary for effective leadership. Based on her training and demonstrated expertise, she has been awarded the elite Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, which awards this honor to the top 1% of coaches worldwide.

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